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Zhuji Xinfei Entertainment Facility Design Research Institute, located in the "hometown of Xishi" said Zhuji, is currently a domestic amusement facilities and equipment based design and research institute.

Study design object oriented scenic spot, municipal departments and so on, has the mechanical design, architectural design, packaging design, document design, excellent design team, continue to study hard, to absorb domestic and foreign advanced science and technology, knowledge and management experience, with professional design software and professional knowledge to provide safer, more reliable design scheme. In the aspect of product research and design development, the institute has also established stable cooperative relations with many colleges and universities and scientific research institutions such as China General Institute of Nonferrous Metallurgy Design, Shanghai Fudan University, Shanghai Zhiyuan Landscape Design Institute and so on.

Team adhering to the "safe, reliable, beautiful novel, research and development innovation, customer satisfaction," the design of the service concept, provide the funicular equipment, no power class facilities, scenic spot entertainment facilities, roller coasters, aerial view class, top class facilities, carousel control flight, flight tower facilities such as a full set of design scheme and technical support.

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